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Slatetronix offers a rock-solid line of kiosks, kiosk peripherals and kiosk accessories.  Our interactive kiosks are designed with layers of increasing capability and capacity, maximum ease of user interaction, convenient access, ease of maintenance, and ease of deployment in attended and semi-attended environments.  Our products are better by design.  

We've been in the kiosk industry since 2003.  We're here to offer you something new.  

Our units look solid.  They are.

Our units look functional.  They definitely are.  

The Slate line of kiosks offers front and rear access at the same time without compromising structural integrity.  You shouldn't pay for the pleasure of putting your kiosk against a wall.

Slatetronix puts our energy into service rather than sales.  We are pretty sure you know what you need. We bet that a salesman's firm hand shake and glow-in-the-dark teeth are not going to be very useful.  

Got a question?  Call or email us.  

Email:  info@slatetronix.com

Snail mail:  Slatetronix LLC, 3505 N 188th Avenue, Litchfield Park, Arizona, 85340, USA.

Phone:  800.604.0370